Ready to roll


The brief

Jake and Shane had been in business since 2007 and knew they wanted to move into a more grown-up, professional structure. They had ambition to grow their business, to reposition themselves, crystallise their proposition, empower their staff team and to become better leaders.

“After eight years in business, we knew we were at a turning point where something needed to be done in order for us to take the business to the next level. We immediately clicked with Emma, her energy and passion are infectious, and her experience in helping similar businesses to ours is second to none. Not to mention her wicked sense of humour.”

What happened

Over a period of six months we systematically worked our way through the business. I coached them specifically on their working relationship as twin brothers and business partners and on their leadership skills and styles. I helped to define their offer and shift the agency to one that is recognised as strategic partners by their clients. We restructured the business and introduced a much more proactive and fun internal communications culture.

We actively recruited a New Business Director, which was a pivotal decision for business and growth. Through-out the process we crystallised their visions both individually and together for the business.

“Through the entire six months we spent with Emma, she helped us discover our inner strength (and weaknesses), our confidence (and insecurities) as business owners, and most importantly Emma helped us figure out exactly how we should position ourselves in such a competitive space in which we operate. We identified and crystallised our strengths and our value as an agency, and from there we restructured our business throughout. This naturally led to a rebrand and rename. We have expanded and grown our management team and hired a new business director to help us drive the business forward.”


Understanding their value and with the confidence to negotiate harder, Jake and Shane very quickly started to win more strategic business. They became better leaders, more conscious of their behaviours and their communication with the team and each other.

“Today, the business we have is a lot more grown up, mature and confident, with clear vision and targets, bags of ambition, all of which are built on a solid foundation with the right infrastructure, proper internal communication channels and a clear growth strategy. We are very excited about what the future brings and we can’t thank Emma enough.”