Courageous leadership

Salad Creative

The brief

Bella contacted me with an intention to strategically assess the development of her agency. She wanted an opportunity to rethink her business and role, which at that time was with a fellow founding partner who was not actively involved in the running of the business. She wanted to think about her future and how to take the agency forward with ambition.

What happened

It became clear that a change was needed in the ownership, and this was the pivotal barrier to taking the agency forward. This was a highly sensitive area and it took some months to work through the nuances, objectives and then negotiations. I worked with Bella to facilitate her thinking around what she wanted for herself, including her confidence as a leader, and the pros and cons of stepping forward and taking hold of the business.

Bella needed clarity, vision and courage and I supported her on this journey into a new beginning for Salad and a new role as owner and principle.


As a result of this very specific, conscious change project, Bella has taken Salad from strength to strength. The business has grown significantly in headcount and profit, won a number of awards and is on target in a new and ambitious plan.

“I met Emma about 7 years ago on a course she was running and I instantly knew she was someone special and that I’d love to work with her. So I was delighted when that became a reality in 2013.


Appointing a coach is a big decision but working with Emma was utterly transformative. Her positive energy is infectious, her perception uncanny, and her industry knowledge second to none.


I have and continue to recommend Emma and feedback has always been positive, but moreover the results speak for themselves. Emma quite simply helps people unlock themselves and achieve things they might not have thought possible. It is a rare and special skill.


It’s a good feeling knowing Emma is on your side and I look forward to continuing to draw on her coaching and wisdom in the future.”

Arabella Lewis-Smith, Owner & Managing Director, Salad Creative