High performing teams


The brief

I have had a close relationship with the DBA over the past 15 years, having previously been the joint chair of DBA South West. I’m a ‘DBA Expert’ and I’ve regularly chaired their panel discussions. I have delivered this particular workshop a couple of times and it’s a joy to be able to help leaders in the design industry get to grips with some of the issues of leading and motivating their teams.

What happened

I really enjoy working with a room full of creative agency people where we rigorously discuss and share knowledge and experiences that impact on the overall performance of a creative agency.

In this workshop, we explore the essential workings of an effective team, what makes a great team work and how to make it happen. We cover areas such as team formation, stages of team growth, component parts of high performance teams, emotional intelligence, dysfunctional teams, communication competencies and active listening leaving room for discussion around individuals’ own experiences.


The feedback from my sessions are always positive and delegates return to their agencies clearer about how to focus on and build their teams more effectively.

“An energised, enlightening, brilliantly actionable insight into an area that feels like a mystery at times.”
Ben Davies MD at theneighbourhood.com

“Thought provoking and easy to apply for quick wins back at the agency”
Emma Cox, Operations Manager at Brand Wave Marketing

“Well organised easy on the ear and deep with information of further reading.”
Becky Fone, Hunter Design