Proactive change for International growth


The brief

With an ambitious desire for growth, Miles contacted me with the understanding that I could potentially help him with some leadership coaching, to develop his senior management team and to help design a robust and ambitious business plan for International growth.

What happened

“From the very first meeting Emma asked a series of insightful and challenging questions which quickly uncovered where the issues were in my business, what I needed to do as a leader to create some change and how we could focus the direction of my business. Emma also helped clarify the need for a re-brand to help position React for a new phase of ambitious growth.

Over the course of 18 months Emma worked with me and my team to crystallise our vision and values, generate new ideas for ways of working and future innovations in the company. She helped us communicate more robustly as a team and helped me grow in confidence as a leader. With her experience and excellent network she was able to introduce us to Mytton Williams, a branding agency, who would be able to help us develop a new identity and a stronger more confident position in our market.

As a coach Emma is highly skilled, insightful, sensitive, challenging and fun – quite a mix to pull off. She helped me build my confidence and challenged me to ‘step up to the plate’ more. She was also able to give me invaluable advice when I asked for it. Emma helped me work on my competence as a leader allowing me to achieve a better balance between my natural consultative style and a more positively directive style when needed.”


“Working with Emma has empowered me to drive us through a lot of positive change. I have been able to implement material changes like introducing a new CRM system, a new appraisal system and new marketing materials – but also crucially it helped me manage relationships with my team more effectively. We have a new confidence as an organisation. We have started to pursue and win bigger, more ambitious contracts. We have taken on more staff to service our increased work both at home and around the world.”

Miles Cherry, React