What we do

what we do

At the centre of every engagement is the desire and commitment to guide, advise, facilitate and coach individuals and organisations through a process of positive, creative and meaningful conscious change. We work closely with our clients, shaping our approach to their unique needs, to help them move forwards.


It's quite normal to get stuck and therefore to need some external advice, support, facilitation or expertise to help you get some clarity and find your way.

I build trusting relationships with my clients, acting as a creative catalyst for change within their organisations. I take a holistic and strategic approach to every situation, evaluating the whole picture to prioritise the areas that need attention. More often than not, this includes – clarifying purpose, re-vitalising or aligning vision and values, setting strategic goals, brand strategy, market position, re-energising leadership confidence and skills, defining structure and roles, designing culture and engagement, marketing planning, improved communications, mediating differences and facilitating team dynamics.

The majority of my clients need some form of support to help clarify their direction. This usually involves understanding desires and aspirations, barriers and blocks, and sometimes differences of opinion. Together we design a new vision for the business, and a way forward.


Drawing from my own leadership experience in a range of roles during 30 years in the workplace and mixing that with over a decade of specific practice, I blend a creative and highly intuitive approach to my coaching work.

I help my clients focus on their goals, strengths and positive emotions, breaking negative patterns, expanding thinking, changing behaviours, building confidence and energising my clients so that they are empowered to take action, lead and flourish.

I mix rigorous honesty and integrity with love, humour and the fundamental belief that we all have the potential to raise our awareness and expand our consciousness to live our lives fully and with meaning.

When working with teams, I combine my commitment to the growth of each individual and team with wider business objectives opening up authentic conversations around personal goals, business goals, strengths and values, to address performance, alignment and confidence.

Training workshops & masterclasses

Training and mentoring are incredibly important tools for skills development and empowerment and for the cross-fertilization of ideas, techniques and creative change.

I run bespoke training workshops and masterclasses in a range of areas, for groups of varying sizes. These can also be in-house for clients as well as on behalf of organisations such as The Design Business Association, Bath Spa University, University West of England and The Design Council.

Training workshops and masterclass areas include:

Conscious Leadership
Effective Communication
Listening Skills
Presentation Skills and public speaking
Team performance and dynamics
Vision and Values
Brand Purpose and Strategy
Culture change and engagement
Exit strategies

Speaking & chairing

Over the past ten years I have been a regular Chair and speaker at Creative Industry and Business events including chairing a number of creative seminars for the DBA on subjects such as 'Managing Creative Teams' and 'The Power of Creativity' and chairing a debate on Design and Ageing for The Design Council as part of Cheltenham Design Festival

Previously as Chair of the West of England Design Forum I regularly chaired panel discussions, interviewed business owners and designers, and spoke about the value of design.

I regularly chair and facilitate meetings for clients and enjoy the challenge of bringing differing voices and viewpoints together.

Creative projects

Creativity is central to everything we do. Therefore an essential part of the Collins&Co mix is to be involved in specific creative projects that make good things happen. Whether that's client led projects like being asked to set up Spike Design or to find a new way forward for the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, or in a voluntary capacity - leading the West of England Design Forum, or giving time to help individual creatives with their projects. Bringing people together creatively, to help bring about positive change in the world is of inherent importance and at the heart of Collins&Co.

The Listening Room

Being properly heard is sometimes the most important thing to enable someone to move forward in their life. Unlike with coaching where there is usually a specific goal. The listening Room is an opportunity to be fully heard, with no agenda, attachment or expectation.

The Listening Room is not a physical space, yet. But it exists every time I meet someone who needs to be heard.

This is much more a personal exploration of the power of listening, with no judgement. I offer one-to-one listening sessions where I occasionally offer an insight or a thought. Sometimes just holding the space quietly is all that's needed so that ideas and situations can be fully heard.