Confident presenting

Proctor + Stevenson

The Brief

Roger Proctor, MD of Proctor and Stevenson, asked me to design a very personal and bespoke session for three key members of staff, to help them grow in confidence and plan more effectively for presentations and pitches. I’ve delivered many training courses on this subject over the years. This time I did something a little different and organised one-to-one coaching sessions with each individual in advance of the training so I could tailor the workshop perfectly both to their individual and team needs.



The session was not only an opportunity for individuals to build their own confidence and skills, it also enabled them to support one another and grow together as a team. As a result of the day, not only did all three gain a huge amount of practical support and a real shift in their own individual confidence, they also collaboratively put together some ideas that would be beneficial for the agency as a whole.

“Emma delivers great insight into how design agencies and consultancies work, and indeed should work. With a thorough business grounding, a wealth of practical experience and real insights into people and their motivations, she is able to deliver both a holistic view and detailed analysis. All of this is combined with a really positive spirit which means that the experience of dealing with Emma is always beneficial, engaging and absolutely worthwhile.”


Roger Proctor, Founder and Managing Director, Proctor and Stevenson