A new starting point


The brief

Endpoint had been in business for 14 years when I was first asked to meet the owners Gideon and Paul in December 2012. Although already a successful business in London and Dubai with 35+ staff, the owners were looking for a new, strong and engaging vision for their business and to inject their culture with some new creativity, energy and love.

What happened

We worked solidly over 18 months to deliver a programme of change that included leadership coaching, visioning sessions and interviews with all staff members to get a sense of the culture and internal communications, engagement and challenges. We spent time clarifying purpose and what the brand stood for. We completely reworked HR processes and re-focused the marketing function. It was a tough period for both Gideon and Paul as I pushed them hard to reflect on themselves as leaders, what they wanted for the business and what was essential to move forward.

“Emma helped us not only clarify what we wanted individually as owners, she helped us become better leaders. Over 18 months she helped us become more rigorous around all aspects of our business, clarified our values and purpose, helped to design our new culture, enabled us to make clear decisions about staffing and structure, challenged our thinking, enabled staff to get much more involved, pushed us to recruit some great people, and ultimately made me a more confident leader. “


“As a result of working with Emma, we now have a clear vision and every decision is made to work towards achieving this. We know our culture and our values; recruitment and so much more all stem from these. We recruited a ‘Head of People’ and introduced a dynamic new programme for our staff which has lead to all sorts of changes to our internal comms, team meetings and socials as well as better appraisal processes and personal development programmes. We know who we are and where we want to be. This lead to a shift in the way we do our Sales and Marketing and we’ve launched our new brand and website. We’ve also grown in confidence around our creative output and have invested in this. Since our initial meetings back in Jan 2013 we’ve made some significant strides towards achieving our Vision including some recent major client wins, awards, and we’re currently waiting on news of a new client that might be a monster!”

Gideon Wilkinson, Managing Director at Endpoint.