Emma Collins

Emma Collins

Creative consultant, catalyst & coach

I know that genuine connections, saying something positive, listening without judgement – can begin a ripple effect that reaches far beyond initial expectations. These connections can create real conscious change – in teams, in businesses, in leaders.

In my professional life I have worked for large corporates, small businesses and in the voluntary sector – in sales, marketing, pr, events, fundraising, brand and design. I have set up an award-winning vegetarian restaurant, was Marketing Director at the Soil Association and MD at the Bristol-based design agency Home, and from 2011-14 I led the West of England Design Forum.

Collins&Co is the culmination of nearly 30 years experience in industry combined with a lifetime of creativity and a fundamental belief that we are all creative, interconnected and seek meaning in our work and in our lives. It is my expertise and my passion all in one place.

But Collins&Co isn’t just me. Successful lives are characterised by valuable relationships and the Co in Collins&Co is significant in many ways. I have the pleasure of working and collaborating with colleagues who have exceptional experience and are wonderful human beings.

Emma Blackburn

Emma BlackburnEmma Blackburn makes things happen. A Creative Producer with nearly 20 years experience in the Creative Sector and a degree in Applied Psychology, Emma ‘gets' people and particularly how creative businesses work.

I had the pleasure of meeting Emma Blackburn when I was establishing Spike Design in 2007, an incubator space for start-up design and media businesses at Spike Island, Bristol. I was immediately struck by Emma’s warmth, creative ideas and her natural ease with people.

Since then, we have worked closely together, both at Spike Design and during my time as Chair of The West of England Design Forum, on numerous creative projects and events. Emma is a true colleague and great company and adds fresh creative thinking to projects, development work and communications.

Robin Richmond

Robin RichmondI was introduced to Robin when he was working with a client of mine. We have a very similar view of the world politically and share an understanding of what it’s like to run a design business.

Robin is a designer and a brand architect and has been in the industry for nearly 30 years. He was a founding partner and Managing Director of MetaDesign London, working with clients like The Economist. Robin has worked regularly in North America, Europe and latterly, Japan. He is passionate about building company propositions and enabling businesses to get their message across so that they can operate effectively and grow.

A recent client described working with the two of us together as "a powerful combination of skills and experience".

Gary Baxter

Gary BaxterI had the pleasure of meeting Gary at the Design Business Effectiveness awards a few years back. Once we’d got past the chat about design, we discovered we shared a commitment to meditation. I loved that Gary was connected to his spiritual self and brilliant with finances!

Gary set up Lightbox Consulting in 1997 after eight years as Finance Director at The Partners. He is committed to giving creative businesses the management and reporting frameworks to understand their financial situation better and has a huge wealth of knowledge about the industry.

We share a few clients so it's good to be able to discuss the whole picture. I value his wisdom and perspective.